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Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

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Discover the ultimate in hiking support with our 3K Carbon Fiber Quick-Lock Trekking Poles. These adjustable trekking poles are crafted from 3K carbon fiber, making them exceptionally lightweight and durable. Each pair is equipped with tungsten carbide tips for ice or special terrain, rubber caps for general hiking, and mud and snow baskets for versatile use. Easily adjustable between 26 and 54 inches, they are perfect for hikers of all heights and can handle uphill, downhill, and flat terrain. Weighing less than eight ounces each, these poles won't slow you down, enhancing your endurance and helping you reach new heights. Experience the difference trekking poles can make; order yours today!

Benefits of Using Trekking Poles

·         Enhanced Stability and Balance: Trekking poles provide extra points of contact with the ground, offering better stability and balance, especially on uneven or slippery terrain.

·         Reduced Impact on Joints: By distributing your weight more evenly, trekking poles help to reduce the strain on your knees, hips, and ankles, making long hikes more comfortable.

·         Increased Endurance: Using trekking poles can improve your endurance by engaging your upper body muscles, allowing you to hike longer distances with less fatigue.

·         Improved Posture: Trekking poles encourage a more upright posture, reducing the likelihood of back and shoulder pain during extended hikes.

·         Versatility in Different Terrains: Equipped with various tips and baskets, trekking poles are adaptable for different terrains, including ice, mud, and snow, enhancing your hiking experience in all conditions.

·         Safety and Support: Providing extra support, trekking poles can help prevent falls and injuries, giving you more confidence to tackle challenging trails.

·         Energy Conservation: By sharing the workload between your arms and legs, trekking poles help conserve energy, making it easier to navigate steep ascents and descents.

·         Increased Speed: The added propulsion from using trekking poles can help increase your walking speed, allowing you to cover more ground in less time.

·         Useful for Other Activities: Trekking poles are not just for hiking; they can also be used for activities such as walking, backpacking, and camping, making them a versatile addition to your outdoor gear.

3K Carbon Fiber Quick-Lock Trekking Pole Set:

  • Set of two black trekking poles
  • Shaft Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Material: Comfortable Cork Grip
  • Locking Mechanism**: Red quick-lock mechanism for quick adjustability
  • Extendable From**: 26"–54""
  • Single Pole Weight (without rubber tips)**: 8 OZ or less than a pound
  • Adjustable For Users**: 3'6" and taller
  • Disassembled Measurements: Upper; 20.75", Middle; 20", Lower; 21.25"
  • Tip Kit Includes: Carry Case, Round Rubber Tips, Boot Tips, Sand/Mud Baskets, and Snow Baskets
  • Tip Material: Tungsten Carbide

Ideal for hikers, walkers, backpackers, campers, and more.


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Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Regular price   $117.01 Sale price   $103.33

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elena Richards

Poles worked as expected. Good purchase. my knees feel less pressure

Lynn Robel

330 grams each, price good and they are comfortable.
Awesome poles, light and rigid, high quality accessories.

Natasha Armstrong

as described. improved my balance and increased distance on hike. shipping decent time

Arlo Kunde

Very light hiking poles, equipped with everything you need plus spare parts. My 12 year old boy was very happy when he saw and tried them especially the handles fit perfectly in his hand and he can't wait for the summer to use them on the mountain paths.

Berry Klein

Great set. fully adjustable. 👍

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