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Transparent Scale Compass


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sing a transparent scale compass, also known as a map compass or baseplate compass, is a handy skill for navigation, especially when using maps. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Understand the parts: Familiarize yourself with the different parts of the transparent scale compass. These typically include:

    • Baseplate: The transparent plastic base of the compass that often has ruler markings.
    • Rotating bezel: The outer circle on the baseplate with degree markings used for measuring angles.
    • Direction of travel arrow: A pointer on the baseplate indicating the direction of travel.
    • Orienting arrow: A fixed arrow on the rotating bezel that aligns with the compass needle.
    • Compass needle: The magnetic needle that points to magnetic north.
    • Scales: Some compasses have additional scales for measuring distances on maps.
  1. Place the compass on the map: Lay the compass on the map with the straight edge of the baseplate aligned with the direction you want to travel. Ensure that the map is oriented correctly, with north at the top.
  2. Rotate the bezel: Rotate the bezel until the orienting arrow is aligned with the magnetic needle inside the compass housing. This action accounts for the declination between magnetic north and true north, ensuring accurate navigation.
  3. Determine your bearing: Read the degree markings on the bezel where the direction of travel arrow is pointing. This reading represents your desired direction of travel.
  4. Take your bearing: Lift the compass from the map while keeping the bezel in place. Hold the compass level in your hand.
  5. Orient the compass: Rotate your entire body until the magnetic needle aligns with the orienting arrow on the rotating bezel. This action ensures that the direction of travel arrow points in the correct direction relative to your body.
  6. Travel in the chosen direction: With the compass oriented correctly, follow the direction indicated by the direction of travel arrow to reach your destination.
  7. Using additional features: Some transparent scale compasses come with additional features like rulers for measuring distances on maps. Utilize these features as needed for more precise navigation.

Practice using your transparent scale compass with a map in different environments to become comfortable with its operation and improve your navigation skills.


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Weight: about 94.7g
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1 x Portable Camping Compass

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Transparent Scale Compass

Transparent Scale Compass


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